Samples of Automatic Writing



Here’s a page from one of the original automatic writings of James Padgett. We are in the process of scanning these manuscripts – and as you can see, not a moment too soon. The acid in paper eventually causes it to self-destruct.





Another Padgett manuscript –






A message from Jesus –





Padgett sometimes transcribed messages immediately after receiving them. Notes in margin are presumably from Leslie Stone –





This sample, from a message received by Amada Reza, is noteworthy because of the dramatic change in handwriting style midway through the page. It was at this point that one spirit-author "relinquished the pen", and another took over. The first author was Mary, mother of Jesus, and the second author was John the Apostle. The medium did not pause writing or change her posture; the change in style was due solely to the change in spirit-authors –





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