From the thousands of messages received by Padgett, a simple core teaching can be gleaned:



There is a God. But this what we call God can’t be understood or described by the mind—only the human soul can comprehend God.

We human beings are in fact God's "children," our soul (the true self, the seat of consciousness) having been created in God's image.

As God's children, we were created with the potential to receive the actual essence of God's soul into our soul, and to thus become transformed from the image of the divine into the very substance—at one with God, and conscious of our immortality.

This "divine essence" is, simply put, God's love. Writers of the New Testament called this special love agape; in the messages it's called divine love. This love is separate and distinct from the "natural love" that is manifest throughout God's creation, and comes into the soul only in response to sincere, heartfelt desire—i.e., prayer. The divine love is given only to those who freely choose to receive it.

The transformation brought about by this love is gradual, the pace being determined by the frequency and "soulfulness" of one's prayers for the love. There’s a "snow-ball effect" at work also—each inflowing of the love bringing with it an increase in faith, making it progressively easier to aspire for the love.


And that, in essence, is it. Jesus and the other spirit-authors of these messages emphatically state that they’re not speculating regarding these matters, but are speaking from personal experience and perception. And they suggest that these same experiences and perceptions may be ours, if we’re willing to perform the "great experiment" of sincerely asking for God's love. No religious affiliation is required—all that’s needed is an open mind, a humble heart, and a willingness to persevere long enough to overcome one's internal barriers (doubt, fear, feelings of unworthiness, etc.).

This deceptively simple teaching describes the way to acquire the most precious possession a human being could ever desire. Soulfully ask for this love, and it will never be denied you. The more you ask, the more you’ll receive, and this through all eternity.

"And what exactly will this love do for me?" you may be wondering. A short answer is that it will enable you to manifest progressively greater qualities of divinity—just as it did for Jesus, who was reportedly the first person ever to receive this divine transformation. And although one of the purposes of these messages is to deflate some of the myths which surround Jesus and his teachings, they still describe him as the most powerful healer and personification of spiritual truth this world has seen.

This brief description gives rise to a thousand questions, the answers to some of which the messages attempt, with varying degrees of success, to provide. But above all, we hope you’ll consider and take to heart this simple advice:  


Pray for God's Love!










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