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Inclusion of these links is not a wholesale endorsement ­–
 acknowledge truth where you find it, and compost the rest…

Read the article, Accuracy in Mediumship





Divine Love Fellowship Web Board
 - a public forum for ongoing discussions.

 - Scientific evidence supporting near-death experiences and the afterlife 


The Case for Life After Death

 - A lawyer presents the case for the afterlife


Divine Love Ministry

 - “Have you seen the light?” 


The Padgett Messages

 - the Padgett Messages in chronological order

 - “A spiritual journey begins…”


Kay Ann’s Kozy Kolumn
 - channelings and commentary from Kay Ann Ray


A New Heart
 - Amada Reza’s Blog


Angelic Messages to All

 - contemporary channeled messages


The New Gospel

 - an online presentation of the Padgett messages


The New Heart Press

 - publisher of spiritually oriented literature, including: The Gospel of God’s Love


Foundation Church of Divine Truth

 - publisher of Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth and other titles


Gentle River Publishing

 -  publisher of the Padgett messages series: Divine Love - Transforming the Soul  and other titles








Related Sites and Link Exchanges

The Hunger Site
 - you can visit again and again...


From Jesus to Christ – the first Christians

 - an online version of the PBS series - a “guide to the new and controversial historical evidence which challenges familiar assumptions about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity.” Of particular relevance are the sections “The Story of the Storytellers” and "The First Christians". A useful site for those from a Christian background.


Truth Within You: Find God – Break Down the Walls of Religion 

 - “The purpose of this site is to help those who are bound under fear, produced from traditional Christian teachings, find freedom and peace through learning to develop a relationship with God by his spirit.”





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