Put on the “Wedding Garment,” Part 2

Jesus was saying; “There are certain Laws for mortals to follow in order for them to become at-One with God and partake of his divine nature, and if they fail to obey the requirements of these principles, they will not possess in their souls that which would make them like unto the Father and admit them into His Kingdom.

“They, in such condition, or want of qualifications, even if they were admitted to the Kingdom, would not be happy; for their condition would wholly fail to respond to those things in the Kingdom which give happiness to the children of the Father, who have fulfilled the qualifications. They, of necessity, would be most unhappy, and heaven would not be a heaven to them. So you see, all spirits, in order to inhabit this Kingdom, must have the prescribed requirements of soul love and development.

“Let humans know that no Mercy or Love of the Father will enable them to enter this Kingdom, unless that human seeks this Love and mercy in the way the Father has ordained that it shall be sought for. No special providence will be extended to any person, and if they come to the marriage feast without this wedding garment, they will be “cast out” and not be permitted to enjoy the feast.

“Mortals may reason to the full extent of their reasoning powers to prove that the Father, being a loving and merciful God, will not keep them from entering this Kingdom, because they all are His children, and the objects of His Love and favor, and one is as dear to Him as the other; and He is no respecter of persons, and therefore will treat all alike. But I tell them, that they are mistaken, and if they wait until that day when the sheep shall be separated from the goats, they will realize that what I say is true.

“Of course, every person ever born is the object of the Father’s care, and He makes no distinction between them. He wants every one of them to inhabit His Kingdom and partake of those things He has provided for them, and which are beyond their conception in their grandeur and beauty. God calls to all His creatures to come and partake of these provisions; but the only way they can partake is to prepare themselves by receiving the great gift of the transforming Love.” Amen

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Put on the “Wedding Garment”

From Jesus, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 283.

“I am with you tonight, as I heard you longing for me, and have come to comfort and bless you.

“My dear brother, you have the love of God in your soul to a great extent, and I see that you are very happy, and feel that the Father is very near you. I am very glad that your condition is such, for I want to tell you how much the Father is waiting to bless you and make you at-One with Him and a true child of His affections.

“I am now prepared to give you my next formal message, and if you feel that you would like to take it tonight, I will do so.

“Well then, I will write on the subject: Why humans must receive this divine-love in order to be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

“In that Kingdom, every spirit has received this Love to such an extent that their natures are of the divine-essence of the Father. I do not mean that any spirit is “perfect” in this divine nature, but that the spirit has so much of this Love in their soul as to make them in unison with the nature of God. There are different degrees of possession of this Love by the spirits, and their happiness and glory are dependent upon the amount of Love possessed by them. No spirit, though, who is an inhabitant of this Kingdom is without this divine-love; and no spirit has in its soul any sin or error that may have been a part of it while in the earth life. Should anything in the soul not be in unison with the Soul of the Father, that spirit could not possibly enter into that Kingdom; and as the soul of such spirit remains in such condition of inharmony, it can never be received into the Celestial Kingdom.

“I know that among mortals, (and spirits also) it is thought and asserted that because the Father is all-merciful, no one will be excluded from this Kingdom; but in this thought mortals and spirits both are mistaken, and I am sorry to say that many of them will, when too late, realize their error. God has certain fixed principles which are necassary for humans to know and obey in order for them to become at-One with God.” To be continued…

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The Law of Higher Help, Part 2

Continued from John, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 459.

“Many spirits who are themselves in a dark position or condition can help others who are in a darker condition – just as on earth, a student of a lower class in school may not be able to teach all that is taught in that school, yet they can teach those in a lower class than their own, the things that they have just learned while progressing. All spirits have a work to do, and so these spirits of little development are engaged in teaching those of lesser development the way to get in the same condition they are in. But of course, these latter cannot teach anything that belongs to a higher condition than the one in which they are. In such cases, the progress is very slow, for many reasons, and it sometimes takes centuries for a spirit to progress to a plane where only the lowest grade of happiness exists.

“All spirits can help other spirits who are in a lower condition – and sometines, at the beginning of their progression, more satisfactorily than can higher spirits. These dark spirits who try to help the darker spirits are more in harmony with them; and so the darker spirits listen to them with more interest, and more readily believe that they can be helped by them. But this is not the help that works in such a way as to cause the spirit to lose their evil desires and recollections very rapidly, or to progress into the higher planes without the suffering and expiation, of which you’ve been told.

“I thought I would write this to you for the reason that you might not, in your investigations into the spirit world, give importance to the possibility of one dark spirit helping another.

“I will not write more, but will, with all my love and blessings, say goodnight.

“Your brother in Christ, John”

Editor’s note: This message does not write about the higher gift of transforming Love, it explains the limitations, and conditions, of human spirits who failed to develop even their natural love during their earth life. Strive to develop your love nature, it’s worth all the effort required.

A person who wants to progress on the divine pathway, can pray  while on earth, to receive God’s gift of Grace. It will start preparing their soul to enter the Kingdom of Love, where Jesus is Master and Prince of Peace. Amen

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The Law of Higher Help

Message from John, in The Gospel of God’s Love, on page 458.

“I want to tell you tonight about the things that the spirits in the hells (who have not received God’s divine-love) do, or have done to them, as you might say, in order to get out of their darkness and suffering, and progress to a happier condition.

“Well, when spirits who lived an evil or sinful life on earth first come to the spirit world, they enter what is called the earth plane (and when I say earth plane, I mean those portions of the Earth Sphere which are nearest the earth and partake very largely of the material). They are received by their friends who may have been with them at the time of their passing, and are by them comforted to some extent, and made familiar with their surroundings.

“This may last for a longer or shorter time, according as the spirit is capable of understanding their changed condition from mortal to spirit. After this condition of consciousness is assumed by the spirit, these friends leave, and some guiding spirit, whose duty it is to perform the task, shows or conducts the spirit to the plane and place which they are fitted to occupy; and which, by the workings of the law of compensation, they must occupy. In this plane they are surrounded by and must associate with spirits of a similar condition of develoment as their own, until some change comes to them which fit them for a higher place.

“This change again may come in a shorter or longer time – this dependant upon the spirit realizing what their condition is, and that there is a possibility of progressing. Of themself, there is little they can do to bring about this change, and it is brought about primarily through the influence of other spirits who are in a more enlightened and higher condition than themself. These influences do not necessarily come from spirits who have received the new birth, but may come from spirits who know nothing about it, and have only the natural love. And they may not even be of a high order of development of either intellect or soul; but they must be in such condition that they know and are able to tell the lower spirit of the possibility of progress, and the way in which it can be made.” To be continued…


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“He That Runneth” May Understand

We, in our spiritual circles, are blessed to have become acquianted with the wonderful messages from the angels (and other spirits) in the last century. They were received from Celestial Spirits, starting in 1914, and for several years more than 2500 message were received. It has been challenging for some to grasp the meaning of “He that runneth,” and I’m not certain that I understand it perfectly; but to me it means, “anyone who lives and runs on earth” can understand Jesus’ spiritual message.

The last message in The Gospel of God’s Love, is titled; “He that runneth, may understand my teachings.” My truths are plain, and my teachings can be understood by the simple. Any religion which requires the exercise of the mental faculties to an extent greater than what is required in the ordinary affairs of life cannot be a true religion because God has designed that all His children shall understand His truths, without the necessity of having a highly developed intellect.

“He that runneth” may understand my teachings, and it will not be necessary for any preacher or teacher to explain them. My language will explain itself. So let not your mind be troubled over the question as to whether only the mentally developed can understand what I may write. These truths are for all.

“With all my love I am, Your brother and friend, Jesus”

If you want to know spiritual truths, you need to believe in a Higher Power and to know, in your heart, that you are a beloved child of that Awesome Creator. That’s a good start; then as you go through your daily living, be grateful for your blessing and strive to become as loving a person as you possibly can.

God waits for his children to let Him know that they want His blessings; God does not force His Love upon anyone against their will. When Jesus came to earth, he had been chosen to become the Messiah, but he was not aware of that, until he was a grown man.

Jesus studied the scriptures from the time he was young, as was the custom. He was aware that a Messiah had been forseen to bring “The Good News of God’s Gift” to the people. He was acquainted with John, his cousin, who was known the Baptist. They conspired to Have John teach repentance; then Jesus would teach about God’s redeeming Love.

More in, The Gospel of God’s Love.

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The Trinity, Part 4

From Luke, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 251 – 2.

“The question arose, What is the spirit? I know that there have been, for centuries, great differences of opinion among theologians and wise spiritual teachers as to what the spirit is, some contending that it and the soul are the same thing; and others that the spirit is the real ego of a person, and the soul something of less quality, and subordinate to the spirit; and others having other views. But as I have said, the soul is the true ego, or self, and everything else connected with humans and forming a part of their creation (when they were pronounced to be “very good”) is subordinate to the soul, and only its instrumentality for manifesting itself.

“As Jesus has told you, the spirit is simply the active energies of the soul, and the instrumentality by which the soul manifests itself; and this definition applies to the spirit of humans while a mortal, as well as when they become inhabitants of the spirit world. The spirit is inseparable from the soul, and has no function in the existence of humans except to make manifest potentialities of the soul in its activities. Spirit is not life, but it may become eveidence of life. It is life’s “breath.”

“And as humans were created in the  image of their Maker, and as spirit is only the active energy of the soul, by application of the principle of “correspondences” which one of your former psychics declared to exist, it may be assumed (and it is true) that the Holy Spirit is the active energy of the great Soul of the Father – which spirit, as we know from our experiences and observations, is used as the messenger of the Father to convey to humankind His divine-love. And I do not mean to restrict the mission of the holy-spirit to humankind in the flesh, for it also conveys and bestows this great Love upon the souls of God’s children who are inhabitants of the spirit world.

“And so it is a truth that the holy-spirit is not God and no part of the “Godhead,” but is His messenger of truth and love, emanating from His great Soul, and bringing to humankind Love, light and happiness.

“So you see, there is no “mystery of the Godhead”- and no secret that God does not wish for humans to know.” Amen

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The Trinity, Part 3

From Luke, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 250.

“…In none of our gospels did the “mystery of the Godhead” appear, and, that for the reason that there was not, and is not, any such mystery. We did not teach that there is any Godhead, composed of three personalities; only that there is one God, the Father. Jesus was a son of man in the natural sense, and a son of God in the spiritual sense, but he was not God or a part of God in any sense, except that he possessed the divine-love of the Father, and in that sense was part of His essence. And the holy-spirit was not God, but His instrument, to deliver the Grace of His Love.

“As you have been informed, the soul of humans existed prior to humans creation in the flesh, and was the only part of humans that was made in the image of God. It existed in this pristine state without individuality, although having a personality, and resembles the great Soul of the Almighty (which Soul is God Himself), though the soul which was given to mortals was not part of the Great Soul, but a likeness of it. (Mortals’ soul made in the Image of God’s Soul).

“Some mortals have said that a human’s soul is a part of the “Oversoul,” but this is not true, and if in any of our communications it’s implied that the soul of mortals is a part of the Soul of God (I mean while it existed before its incarnation), that saying must not be so interpreted.

“The “ego” of God, as may be said, is His Soul; and from this Soul emanates all the manifested attributes of God, such as power and wisdom and Love (but not jealousy, wrath, or hatred, as some writers of the Bible have written, for He possesses no such attributes). And the ego of mortals is their soul; and from their soul emanates all the manifested attributes belonging to them, such as power, love and wisdom (and neither were hatred, nor wrath attributes of theirs before the fall).

“It is said that humans are composed of body, soul, and spirit; and this is true. From your life’s experience you know what the body is, and I have told you what the soul is, and now the question arises what is the spirit?” (The answer in the next chapter). To be continued…

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The Trinity, Part 2

Continued from Luke, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 249.

“…And so the “mystery” became the church’s sacred symbol of truth – unexplainable, and therefore more certain and entitled to credence. For it seems to be the tendency of mortal’s minds, or at least those who believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God, to welcome and embrace as the more wonderful and important and the more to be cherished, those things which savor of the mysterious, rather than those which a person may read and understand.

“Nowhere in the Bible in there any saying of Jesus to the effect that God is tripartite, consisting of the “Father, son and  Holy Ghost.” And as a fact, never did Jesus teach any such doctrine, but only this: That the Father is God, and the only God; that he, Jesus, is His son, and the first fruits of the resurrection; and that the holy-ghost is God’s messenger for conveying the divine-love, and is, as such, “the comforter.”

“I know that in some of the gospels, as now contained in the Bible and adopted as cononical, it is said in effect that the Godhead consists of these three; but such gospels do not contain the truth in this respect, and are not the same gospels that were originally written. These original gospels have been added to and taken from in the passing of the years, and in the copying and recopying that occurred before the adoption of the same. The adopted versions were compiled from many writings; and as the compilers in those early times differed in their opinions respecting religious truths, the more powerful of these, having authority to declare what should be accepted as true, directed the copies to be made in accord with their ideas, and announced and put forth such productions to be true copies of the originals. And as these copies were successively made, the preceeding ones were destroyed; and hence the earliest existing manuscripts of these gospels came into being many years after the originals had been written and destroyed.

“And I, Luke, who did write a gospel, and who am acquainted with the present gospel ascribed to me, say that there are many vital declarations contained in it that I never wrote and that are not true, and many truths that I did write which are not contained therein.; and so with other gospels.” To be continued…

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The Trinity

Message from Luke, in The Gospel of God’s Love, on pages 248 – 9.

“I come tonight to write a message on the holy-spirit. I know that the orthodox generally believe and classify it as a part of the “Godhead,” being one with and equal of God the Father (and not a manifestation of the Father), and hence necessarily “identical” with the Father, though having a different and distinct personality. And in this belief and classification is included Jesus, also having a distinct personality.

(Editors note: I’ve learned that the Personality resides in the soul; God is Soul, so has a personality. Each of God’s children has a separate and distinct soul. You and I, and everyone else, are children of God, and we “individualized our personality” when we incarnated into an embryo in our mother’s womb, and received a spirit body, at that time.)

“The orthodox preachers and theological writers teach that it is a fact that these three are one, co-equal and co-existing, and that this fact is the great “mystery of God.” And that mortals should not endeavor to fathom this mystery, because the sacred things of God are His own, and it is not lawful for humans to enter into these secrets.

“Well, this declaration and admonition are very wise, as mortal’s wisdom goes, and saves the expounders of these doctrines of mystery from attempting to explain what they cannot explain – because it is impossible for them to unravel that which, in fact, has no existence.

“Humans of thought all down the ages have sought to understand this great mystery, as they call it, and have been unsuccessful. As the early fathers of the church met with defeat in their endeavors to understand the mystery, and then because of such defeat declared the explanation of the doctrine to be a secret of God, not to be inquired into by mortals, so all these other investigators of the church, when they became convinced of the futility of their search adopted the same admonition. From the beginning, this “Trinity” doctrine was declared and made the vital foundation stone of their visible church’s existence.

“Of course, from time to time there arose people who, having more enlightenment than their brethren in the church, attempted to gainsay the truth of the doctrine, and declared and maintained that there was only one God – the “Father.” But they were in the minority, and not acting with the more powerful, their views were rejected.” To be continued…

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They Knew Not of This Love, Part 2

Message continued from Jesus:

“I do not see how these false sayings can be corrected, except to take each saying and show, by its incompatibility with what I now say, its falsity. This would take too much time, and expend too much energy that could the better be employed in declaring what the truth actually is. But this I will say, that whenever these sayings impart that I claim to be God, or that I could or did forgive mortals of their sins, or whatever is asked of the Father in my name would be received, all are untrue, and have greatly misled seekers of spiritual truth.

“My disciples were close to me, and understood better my sayings than all others; and yet they did not understand all the truth, and left the mortal life with many expectations that were not fulfilled. They were, in certain non-essentials, influenced in their beliefs and expectations by their training and in the teachings of the Old Testament manuscripts, and were still very largely Jews in belief when they died. They understood the vital things that determined their relationship to God and their existence in the future world; but as to many of the non-essentials, they retained the faith of their fathers, and were not able to receive all the truths which I could have taught them.

“I must not linger to correct these alleged sayings of mine, but must occupy my time and yours in declaring and revealing the truth – as it exists now and existed then. And you, and the world may know that whatever and whenever the Bible sayings of mine conflict with what I have written and shall write you, they are untrue and were never said by me. Thus, in a general way, I will make plain to mortals that the Bible must not in all particulars be relied on or believed in as containing the truth, or my declarations of the truth.

“I will soon come and write a message on a vital truth, and hope that you will be in condition to receive it. I will now say goodnight and God bless your efforts and keep you safely in His care.

“Your brother and friend, Jesus”

To those wanting to know the truth, the Angels tell us to pray to a Higher Power; when we pray for God’s Love we develop wisdom in our soul, enabling us to grasp spiritual truths.

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