About Soul Development in Divine Love

I have been acquainted with messages from Celestial angels since the 1970s, and have found these to be filled with wonderful information about the availability of God’s transforming Love, which, through sincere and prolonged prayer, anyone can receive into their soul. The messages also explain how this spiritual discipline will prepare the prayerful person, to enter into a bright and harmonious entry-level plane in the spirit world, when they leave their earth life.
I want to share the angels teachings with truth-seeking-souls, so they might learn how to develop their soul’s love and set themselves free, to become happy, fulfilled, and able to move on to higher states of consciousness. God blesses us, each and every one, according to our faith and acceptance of our own goodness as God’s beloved children.

I have become acutely aware of the fact that it takes a ‘sincere and prolonged desire’ on the part of a soul seeking spiritual truth,  in order to develop intuitive capabilities, or the perceptions of their soul. Some spirits, who have been in the spirit world for centuries, are still in the lower planes of the natural heavens, and do not even realize they have been stagnating. It seems to me they may not even realize that they are ‘not happy’. They may think something like, ‘this is just the way it is.’ Spitits who incarnated into a fetus, attracted a spirit body at that time, and became human beings. In the Padgett Messages, the angels have explained that whether one dies before being born, or lives to a ripe old age, they have accomplished the purpose for having chosen to incarnate. They have individualized the personality of their soul.

When a spirit, who has incarnated and is living in the spirit world in their spirit body, it is up to them ‘to be motivated’ to find the way to progress. The way to progress spiritually is through love, natural or Divine. It may be due to an unfortunate earth experience, that the spirit has failed to learn about the importance of love, and therefore does not know how to give or receive it, and this could cause them to not make spiritual progress.

To the reader who is interested in developing their higher potential of soul, start praying to the Higher Power, whatever you conceive that to be, while in your earth life. The Gift of Grace, has the power to elevate one into a divine soul, in due time.

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  1. JRMELMER says:

    hey kay love your blog

    • kayannray says:

      Hi John, when I came to my blog site, instead of trying to connect to the sites listed on my email, I was given the opportunity to respond. Thank you for your positive comment. I hope others will enjoy what the Angels are hoping to help humankind learn about God’s wondrous laws of Love.

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