Spiritual Message, Part 5

The previous part of this message told about how the first humans lost the privilege to receive God’s Love, because they believed they were as powerful as God, and were not humble.

Resuming last part of message; But at this time, humankind has the opportunity to receive It. To become transformed by Divine Love into a new person, born-again in Love; from a human soul, limited in its ability to progress, into a divine soul, unlimited in its ability to progress.

We recommend that you choose the latter pathway, become humble and ask God for His Love; pray for Mercy for anything you may have done, which was out-of-alignment with God’s Laws of Love. Desire to know the Truth, and be willing to let go of old false beliefs which aren’t in accord with these Truths.

These are important steps to take on your spiritual pathway toward At-Onement with God. You can do it. All God’s children can do it – Can become At-One with our Creator in Love. in answer to prolonged and heartfelt prayers.

We love God’s children, and would like very much to see them stop suffering on earth, and to start loving God, and loving one-another more. But this can’t be done without Higher Help. This is what we are offering. This is what is available from God. This is your choice to make, beloved brothers and sisters in the whole world, you will never be sorry or regret your decision to seek for God’s Love, and for Higher Help to bring you up from your deplorable condition of suffering and despair. Put your hearts and minds to work; pray and pray without ceasing, to know-the-Truth, and to come into alignment with God’s Will. and you will see the results of your prayers within a year; you will feel happier in your heart, And more peaceful in your mind.

This is God’s Promise and our guarantee. We love you, each and every one, and we are here to guide you and help you, whenever you call out to God for Help and Love. We will never let you down or not be available when you call. There now is a huge army of Celestial angels reaching out to humankind with loving arms of care, guidance and protection, to bring you safely Home to God’s Arms of Love.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, who leaves you now with my blessings, and I thank you, profoundly, for allowing me this privilege to driver my message of the week.

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