Spiritual Message, Part 4

Continuation from 3 previous posts)

Prayers are never wasted, even if they are prayers for material needs; but the more exalted prayers bring the more precious blessings. And people who pray will be blessed in their lives on earth, as well as in their condition of soul, which will be advanced when they enter the world of spirit. And thereby eliminate the need of going through unnecessary suffering and struggle, to get rid of false beliefs and negative attitudes.

So, as you see from this dialogue, the world can become a more loving and harmonious place in which to live, if and when more people learn to seek truth and recognize the great potential their souls have to learn this higher spiritual truth, through their own efforts and prayers; without depending upon the existing churches to bring them up from their deplorable and negative conditions, into the Light of God’s Love, by some “miraculousĀ intervention” because this isn’t the case.

Too many people are expecting the Church to somehow make a link from their soul to the Soul of God; but the Church, being an imperfect material organization, isn’t capable of linking human souls to the Soul of God. Only theĀ individual child, with sincere heart and longing soul, can develop a connection between itself and its Loving Creator Soul. This is our message to the world and the more people who can learn it, and believe it, and apply it in their daily living – striving to come closer into union with God’s Will, the sooner we will find greater peace and harmony, and happiness in the world among men and women of all races and former diverse beliefs.

If there is only One God, and all His children are under the purview of the same Wondrous Laws of Love and governance, then when the truth is known, everyone will be seeking to come into alignment with love, to bring themselves up from darkness into the Light of Love. Most people believe they want to be happy, but they don’t know that happiness is a condition of of soul; they aren’t aware of the fact that before they can be truly happy in the material world, they need to be seeking inner happiness and peace, which can only come through the development of their souls in Love.

The effort to purify one’s natural love, without calling upon God for His Higher Grace (which is a more powerful Love to help them get rid of negative qualities and attitudes) one will be struggling and suffering in an effort to change old, false beliefs, and negative patterns, for their whole lifetime. Natural love doesn’t have the strength to help humankind rise above all the negative struggles which plague them on earth.

This is why the first parents weren’t able to rise above their negativity, which they created for themselves, until they had been in the spirit world for a long time, because the Grace of God’s Divine Love was no longer available to them. It was this quality – as a potential possession, which they forfeited through their disobedience, of failing to seek for God’s Grace; failing to become dependent on something outside of themselves, to make them more than just human beings, to allow them to become divine angels. They lacked the humility necessary to bring this Love into their souls. They were prideful and independent; They made the mistake of “believing” they were as powerful as God. And they fell from Grace – from the ability to receive the Grace of God’s Love.

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