Spiritual Message, Part 3

…left off with; A sensible, reasoning mind wouldn’t be able to extract what is good and right from what is misleading and false.

“So the only avenue of approach left to humankind is to seek with heart and soul for the Truth; and they will find It through this sincere method. It will take, perhaps, their whole lifetime, but it will be worth any and all effort they make to get rid of false beliefs and come into alignment with God’s Will.

When a person is holding strong desires to know-the-Truth with heart and soul, while hanging on tenaciously to false beliefs of mind, she will suffer the consequences of confusion and unhappiness. The old has to be let go, in order for the new to come in and flourish. The prayers need to be sincere to know-the-Truth, even at the cost of recognizing that you have been in error, or that there are errors in your religious tenets and doctrines.

When a person’s true and sincere desires come into harmony with God’s Will in their life, in their thoughts and desires, these prayers will be answered by one or more of God’s ministering angels coming to the aid of that person; protecting her from lower spirits who would lead her astray from the truth she is seeking. And when their desire for Truth is strong, sincere and consistent, the perceptions of their soul will receive input from their guardian angels, guiding them to certain people who can help them see spiritual truth; to certain books where their next step of progress onto the path of truth, will be revealed to them.

These steps of progress are not “accidental happenings,” they are leadings from God’s guiding angels in answer to the seeking souls’ true prayers. And, of course, I say “true prayers” because there will be some people who “think” they are praying to know the truth, but really are not willing to give up their old ways of thinking and believing. They would prefer to believe in the doctrines of their religious precepts than to acknowledge that they are incorrect.

So, they will remain on that pathway of struggle for a long time. The majority of God’s children who are entering the spirit world in these days, are still hanging onto these false beliefs of their orthodox churches, not recognizing that they had it within them to find the Truths of God’s Love through the perceptions of their own souls, as they prayed to know-the-Truth and come into harmony with God’s Will.

You were influenced to recognize the importance of the phrase in the “Lords Prayer” which expresses, “Thy Will Be Done,” for when sincere seekers of truth say and feel this expression with deep heartfelt longings, they will be recipients of God’s Grace, fir it is His Will that all human beings become At- One with Him in Love – in His Nature of Love, which is Divine.

And the sincere seeker, the earnest prayer, consistently offered by the penitent soul, will be answered with the Highest Blessings of God’s Gift of Grace. This will start a person on a spiritual pathway of soulful progression in the Divine Love of the Father. (To be continued.)




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