Spiritual Message, Part 2

Continued from message #402;

…This is why answering specific questions will be so helpful for their spiritual development, because we can see into their hearts, and know their condition of soul, and what they are feeling and thinking, therefore, we will be able to give them the information they need, at that particular time, to help them over the seemingly insurmountable blockades which are in the way of their progress.

But, of course, before we are able to serve seeking souls in this individual way, we will need to attract an “audience” of souls who are seeking spiritual truths. There will be some who are not, or will not be, satisfied with the answers they receive, and this will be due to the fact that “they” are the ones who are responsible for getting themselves out of the condition of darkness and defilement they have created for themselves.

They will tend to blame the church for its erroneous teachings, and feel it’s the fault of many, who went before them, for perpetuating these false beliefs and passing them on to the innocent, younger generations. That they are victims of other peoples ignorance. But, even though this may be true to some extent, it is still up to them to “find” the truth for themselves, to seek with all their hearts and minds, to know the purpose for their creation, and to Not get aught up in the maze of confusion and lies, and false beliefs, which lead humans astray from God and the Truth of His Love.

Each and every individual can find the truths of God’s Love, if they are seeking sincerely from heart and soul; if they are willing to recognize that there may be errors in their religious doctrines; if they can acknowledge with their reasoning mind that humankind errs. This is evident in every part of the world today. So, as it is obvious that people are failing to live in harmony with truth and love, then why wouldn’t it also be obvious that they have “tampered” with the doctrines of their religious tenets in order to persuade others to follow their “created” pathways?

This, then, being the obvious bent of humankind, to bring followers into alignment with their own free will choices, it would behoove sincere seekers of Truth and Love, to seek with the perceptions of their own soul, to Know-the-Truth, rather than attempt to sort Truth from fiction, from all the conglomerate religions, which have been predominately a creation of men’s minds throughout the past twenty centuries, and more for those who profess to be following the “true religion” of their forbears. They all contain errors. They all have been manipulated by human minds, and changed, and interpolated, until even the most “sensible” reasoning mind would never be able to extract what is right and good, from is misleading and false. (To be continued)

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