Spiritual Message

Received on January 17, 1993, from a high Celestial Spirit. (I will continue with the message, later, if anyone is interested… I also answer spiritual questions; send them to kayannray@gmail.com)

“I am here now to write, and I come again to convey my thoughts in writing, and I welcome this opportunity to continue my message in this way.

“You must realize the importance of channeling our thoughts and guidance, and messages to the world. We will not be willing to answer mundane questions, but when a person’s heart is sincere, and seeking truth, we will be willing to give our love and energy toward answering their questions.

“Under the circumstances, when the world is in a confused state, how could the people who are inhabiting such a world have clear-cut, uncomplicated questions about spiritual matters? We have the clear-cut uncomplicated answers for them, but it will be up to the individual souls to apply their wills in the way we suggest, in order to bring them to the point in their understanding which will bring them the spiritual freedom and joy they are seeking.

“It isn’t an uncluttered pathway because of the many detours man’s mind has tried to escape through, from the pains and turmoil of life’s vicissitudes. These detours have taken humankind far astray from the Truths of God’s Love and care for His children. There are too many people in the world today who give No Thought to the Creator of their souls; they don’t even consider the reality of their own soul’s existence and its spiritual needs. So how, then, can they become humble and thankful to God for the many blessings He awaits to bestow upon them?

Even those who pray and/or meditate, taking time to be still and listen to their inner “voices,” oftentimes have mind-sets which interfere with a clear message from their soul’s desires. These mind sets have been place there by ¬†false doctrines and untruthful beliefs, which have been perpetuated through centuries, and embellished upon by the corruption of men’s minds. Parts of the Bible were changed to reflect the negative thoughts of the human condition, which were defiled by prejudice and bigotry, and desires to bring others into their way of thinking, for the purpose of levying control over others.

Now with the many copings and re-copyings of the original accounts, very few of the accurate writings are preserved. And, as you very well know, when something is written, and then something else is added by another writer, the meaning can be altered dramatically, even when the intentions are good and well meaning. This has happened all through the Bible as it now exists..

It will be refreshing when people realize that the Truth is alive and Real and ongoing; ¬†something they can “find” within their hearts and souls, when they pray for God’s Love and Mercy and guidance. Everyone isn’t ready for High Spiritual Truths at the onset of their spiritual progress. And this is why answering their specific questions with loving care and concern will be so helpful for their spiritual development. ¬†(Up to pg. 4, of 14 pages.)


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