Truthful Spiritual Teachings

While in the kitchen this morning, preparing breakfast for our animals, I received encouragement to post another Blog, pointing out spiritual information which the Angels tell us is incorrect. It’s been 4 months since my last posting (Blog #400). I felt that if readers really wanted to know spiritual truth, they could find it in these teachings from the angels.

It’s been a century since these beautiful and truthful messages were delivered, and perhaps because people feel satisfied with the spiritual path they’ve chosen, they look no further to find truth. I trust the angels’ guidance, so will enumerate the false teachings which come to mind. They may seem redundant to people who already know what the truth is.

There is only one God; All human beings are God’s beloved children. God is not comprised of three parts. The Holy Spirit is God’s Energy which conveys the Grace of Divine Love to the prayerful, who want to receive It into their soul. Jesus came to teach about this transforming Love. He didn’t realize that he was given this Mission to perform until he was about 20 years old. He was familiar with the Scriptures which predicted a Messiah would come, when God rebestowed the Gift of Grace.

When Jesus was in Mary’s womb, he had yearnings to be close to his Heavenly Father; God had been waiting for a sign that humankind, God’s wayward children, wanted his blessings and therefore would appreciate the Gift of Love. Jesus received a small amount of this Gift while in the womb; it enabled him to be born free of sin. “The sins of the parents are passed down to their children, even unto the third and fourth generations.” The first Divine Love received by a soul goes toward the purification its natural love.

Jesus was not a divine soul when born; he was a pure soul, with inclinations to being loving and caring. He was receptive to guidance from good spirits. He helped his parents with all manner of requirements in life; he had 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He had the opportunity to do God’s Will in his life by following his spiritual guidance. He could have chosen not to, but we are blessed that he did, because since that time, human beings can pray to God for the inflowing of Divine Grace and commence becoming transformed into divine souls.

Suggestion; Pray sincerely for God’s Love and Mercy, the more frequently the better. For more, see “The Gospel of God’s Love.” Amen



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