Review of Spiritual Information

I feel that if someone is interested in finding their way to the Higher Heavens, there is enough spiritual information in these Blogs for them to find their way. If you want to develop your soul in God’s Love and become born-again in that Love, you can start by; 1)  Wanting to know the Truth. 2) Know, in your heart, there’s a loving, caring, awesome Creator Soul, who created perfect laws which have governance over everything in the universe. 3) You have been given a will so free that even God will not interfere with your choices. 4) Everything done in pure love is in harmony with God’s Laws. 5) Everyone reaps what they have sown. 6) Divine Love is the greatest Gift God has made available to His beloved children.

The Grace of God’s Love is free for the asking. Prayers for this Love must come from a sincere and humble heart. Humility is the touchstone for an entrance into the Celestial Heavens. Do your best and God will do the rest.

I’m trying to not resist change, because the way to progress is by changing. There is nothing “normal” about my life as of late. The attic of our house is being remodeled; which required everything to be removed from there. My daughter gave me her lovely ground-level room, in December 2011, before I was to have surgery on a torn ligament in my right shoulder.

I had carried my little dog, Bryn, up and down the spiral stairs, about 6 times a day. The living room ceiling is 10 feet high, so there are 16 steps up to the attic. At first, I resisted moving into the lower room, but it’s so much easier now, I can just let Bryn out the back door. It’s a glass french-door, which allows lots of light to come in, plus there are 3, six foot tall, windows along the walls.

My daughter, after a year of using the sleeping loft as her bedroom, moved into the large bedroom at the front of the house, after the tenant who had been renting it went to India. Now we have only two rooms rented, the tenants are nice (and help with living costs).

I felt guided to share some of my situation, in case there are people who like to read what I’ve been sharing from the angel’s messages. I may not be adding more Blogs for awhile. But if you have questions, here’s my address;

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2 Responses to Review of Spiritual Information

  1. TimJ says:

    Thanks for all the posts, Kathryn. I’ve enjoyed reading them along with your comments!

    I hope you’re having a great day, wherever you may be!


    • kayannray says:

      Good morning Tim,

      It’s nice to hear from you again. I’m doing quite well considering I’m 81. It’s been almost 20 years since I moved back to Santa Cruz, CA, from Arlington, VA. My younger daughter was 15, we came to bring my mother home from the nursing facility. She went into the spirit world in 1997.
      Where do you live? And what kind of work do you do? You may respond by using my email if you wish. I’m really not a good computer person, I dont always know how to find a persons’ comment.
      May you continue to receive abundant blessings and joy in your life. Kathryn

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