It’s Natural to Doubt

Message from James Padgett’s grandmother, Ann Rollins.

“Well, I am glad to be with you again, as I want to tell you some truths that you will benefit by knowing.

“You have had more or less doubt pass through your mind as to whether we are really the persons whom we represent ourselves to be, and whether your own mind produces the thoughts you write, or whether some evil spirit or imposter produces the thoughts.

“I want to tell you, with all the love which I have for you, that every one of us who writes is the person they represent themself to be, and that no spirit who may seek to impose on you is permitted to write or in any way communicate with you. Our band is sufficiently powerful to prevent any such spirit from intruding upon you. Of course, the unfortunate spirits who write, we permit to do so, but they are not imposters, they tell you truthfully just who they are.

“I know it’s natural for you to doubt this great marvel of spirit communication, and of the truthfulness of our representations, but I assure you that it is all true. The Master is the one of whom you read in the Bible, and of whom you have heard all your life; the only difference being that he is not God or a part of Him, but a spirit – the greatest in all the Celestial Kingdom.

“He is not so different, in his desire to do the great work which the Father gave him to do, from what he was on earth, except that he’s now more highly developed than when traveling the plains and mountains of Palestine. He is more powerful, and knows so many more spiritual truths, his love is the same, only greater.

“So you must not doubt any longer, or you will not develop as you should.

(Padgett asked a question.) “Jesus is the wisest and most filled with God’s Love of all the spirits in the Celestial Spheres. I know that you love all of us, and I believe you love him also, and when I tell you that his love is greater than any of ours, I am merely telling you what is true.

“I would like to write more tonight, but there are some others here  who are anxious to write, so I will stop.

“Your own and true loving grandmother, Ann Rollins”

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