Paul of near Damascus

Published in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 191.

“As I see you are longing for love, and for fellowship with the disciples of the Master, I thought I would write you just a little to show that all the Master’s disciples are in their living spiritual bodies; I am alive and will never die again.

“Many epistles which I had written are contained in the Bible, and some are nearly correct, and in them you will find my ideas of God and of the Master. But I never taught that Jesus was God and neither did I teach the doctrine of the vicarious atonement, or the sufficiency of Jesus’ blood to save a sinner from the sins of their earthly deeds. I never taught that any person’s sins would be borne and the penalty for same be paid for by another – and wherever these doctines are set forth in my epistles, they were not written by me.

(Padgett asked a question) “I agree with John: God is Love. Love is the fulfilling of the Law, and Love includes everything that is good and pure and holy.

“Yes, I doubted at times that I was called to preach the truths of humankind’s salvation as taught by Jesus. I say I doubted; for notwithstanding the Bible narative of my conversion, I was not altogether convinced by the vision I saw. I know now that it was a true vision, and that I was called; but when on earth I had doubts, and this was my “besetting sin.”

(question) “Well, as to that, I’m afraid I will have to disillusion you, for I was never stricken blind, as the Bible says. My vision was plain enough, and I heard the voice upbraiding me, and I believed. But I still had the doubts, at times, that I speak of.

“From my epistles you would never think that I had any doubts; I purposely abstained from making them known, and so it became my besetting sin. I thank God that I never let that doubt influence me, or prevernt me from giving the work my all, for if I had, I would have undoubtedly relasped into the persecutor of Jesus’ followers.

“As I continued to preach, my faith grew stronger, and after awhile my doubts left me; in later years I had no doubts.

“I will come sometine, again to write. Your friend and brother,

“St. Paul of the Bible”

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