Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

From John the Baptist, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 484.

“Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, and in the Master. This is as true now as it was when spoken by Jesus to his disciples many centuries ago. You are his disciple now just as certainly as were they, and while you cannot see him or hear his voice as they did, yet the words are just as emphatically spoken tonight as they were to the other disciples.

“You do not realize what love and powerful influences are with you tonight, else you would let your worries flee to the winds and never return. I merely want to tell you this to let you see that there is yet another of the celestial spirits who knows that the Master’s promises will be kept.

“Go to God in prayer and you will find the great consolation, as we had all found consolation in our troubles. When on earth a great number of us were persecuted, resulting in the death of many of us. But we had faith, and our faith and love of the Master helped us over many rough places.

“I merely want to add another confirmation to those who have told you that you will be relieved of these worries. I will stop and say that I am,

“Your brother in Christ, John the Baptist”

Editors Note: The Celestial Angel’s reside in the Higher Heavens, where only those who have been transformed by the Grace of God’s Divine Love can enter. Everyone who prays, on a regular  basis, for this Divine Grace to come into their soul, will become qualified to reside in the Celestial Heavens someday.

Even though you may not believe in the teachings of these divine angels, it would do no harm to strive to pray for God’s blessings of Love. You will, during the course of your prayer life, realize a change in your condition; like overcoming fear, and renewing faith in higher help and guidance. 

I know that the angel’s messages will cause much resistance among the orthodox believers, and that they will create divisions among people who accept them as true, and those who do not. But the change will, of necessity, eventually come to pass because faith, based on precepts which are false cannot last forever.

We reap what we sow; and if we pray for God’s Grace we will receive the Gift of Divine Love. Amen

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