Put on the “Wedding Garment,” Part 2

Jesus was saying; “There are certain Laws for mortals to follow in order for them to become at-One with God and partake of his divine nature, and if they fail to obey the requirements of these principles, they will not possess in their souls that which would make them like unto the Father and admit them into His Kingdom.

“They, in such condition, or want of qualifications, even if they were admitted to the Kingdom, would not be happy; for their condition would wholly fail to respond to those things in the Kingdom which give happiness to the children of the Father, who have fulfilled the qualifications. They, of necessity, would be most unhappy, and heaven would not be a heaven to them. So you see, all spirits, in order to inhabit this Kingdom, must have the prescribed requirements of soul love and development.

“Let humans know that no Mercy or Love of the Father will enable them to enter this Kingdom, unless that human seeks this Love and mercy in the way the Father has ordained that it shall be sought for. No special providence will be extended to any person, and if they come to the marriage feast without this wedding garment, they will be “cast out” and not be permitted to enjoy the feast.

“Mortals may reason to the full extent of their reasoning powers to prove that the Father, being a loving and merciful God, will not keep them from entering this Kingdom, because they all are His children, and the objects of His Love and favor, and one is as dear to Him as the other; and He is no respecter of persons, and therefore will treat all alike. But I tell them, that they are mistaken, and if they wait until that day when the sheep shall be separated from the goats, they will realize that what I say is true.

“Of course, every person ever born is the object of the Father’s care, and He makes no distinction between them. He wants every one of them to inhabit His Kingdom and partake of those things He has provided for them, and which are beyond their conception in their grandeur and beauty. God calls to all His creatures to come and partake of these provisions; but the only way they can partake is to prepare themselves by receiving the great gift of the¬†transforming Love.” Amen

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