Everyone Chooses Their Own Spiritual Path

In the final part of Luke’s message on the Law of Attraction, he explains that every one of God’s children will eventually become pure and free from disharmony of any kind. God’s desire is that all of His beloved children, humankind, “shall become perfected in that love which they possess,” and which they seek for. The natural love, in its qualities, may become just as perfect in humans as may the divine love in its qualities. Each is just as much in harmony with God’s universe, in its respective qualities as is the other.

“So I say, mortals are helped, more than in any other way, by their meditations on the higher things of their being, and by prayers and aspirations to the Father – who hears the prayers of the person who has the natural love, just as He does the prayers of the person who has the divine love in their soul. Ultimately all sin and evil will be eradicated from the universe, and humans, even in their natural love, will become pure and perfected and happy.

“I have tried, in my inefficient way, to show mortals how they may progress in the development of their natural love; and if they will follow my advice, they will succeed. For humans, by the indulging of their perverted appetites, and the exercise of their willpower, fell to a low degree of degeneracy, so can they, by ceasing to indulge in these perverted appetites, and by the exercise of that same willpower, rise again to a condition of purity in their natural love. And always they have the help of the Father and the good spirits in their effort to recover their lost estate. And also, they have the memory of the experience and result of their fall, which they may not be conscious of, but which in their inner self has an existence, and is continually working.

“Well, my dear brother, I must stop. I feel that you have taken my message very successfully. Read it over and correct errors of construction. I will come soon and write again.                                 Your brother in Christ, Luke”                         

Editors note; To those who have eyes to see and ability to read, let them take to heart this wonderful information from the celestial angels. Each and every person is capable of bringing themself into harmony with love, if they so choose, and strive to  become loving souls. Amen

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  1. InkyWhip says:


    This was always one of my favorite messages, as it shows how much God is truly a God of Love, and that God does not desire for any Her children to suffer, particularly not for eternity.


    • kayannray says:

      Dear Inky, Thank you for your lovely comment. I keep hoping seeking souls will find these angel’s messages and benefit from them. I feel that I can not entice or pursuade anyone to believe in these truths, as I would like to do. I believe that one of the great stumbling blocks is so many false beliefs which abound and keep souls stuck in place for such a long time. God bless you and keep you peaceful and happy, Kathryn

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