Spiritual Message, Part 5

The previous part of this message told about how the first humans lost the privilege to receive God’s Love, because they believed they were as powerful as God, and were not humble.

Resuming last part of message; But at this time, humankind has the opportunity to receive It. To become transformed by Divine Love into a new person, born-again in Love; from a human soul, limited in its ability to progress, into a divine soul, unlimited in its ability to progress.

We recommend that you choose the latter pathway, become humble and ask God for His Love; pray for Mercy for anything you may have done, which was out-of-alignment with God’s Laws of Love. Desire to know the Truth, and be willing to let go of old false beliefs which aren’t in accord with these Truths.

These are important steps to take on your spiritual pathway toward At-Onement with God. You can do it. All God’s children can do it – Can become At-One with our Creator in Love. in answer to prolonged and heartfelt prayers.

We love God’s children, and would like very much to see them stop suffering on earth, and to start loving God, and loving one-another more. But this can’t be done without Higher Help. This is what we are offering. This is what is available from God. This is your choice to make, beloved brothers and sisters in the whole world, you will never be sorry or regret your decision to seek for God’s Love, and for Higher Help to bring you up from your deplorable condition of suffering and despair. Put your hearts and minds to work; pray and pray without ceasing, to know-the-Truth, and to come into alignment with God’s Will. and you will see the results of your prayers within a year; you will feel happier in your heart, And more peaceful in your mind.

This is God’s Promise and our guarantee. We love you, each and every one, and we are here to guide you and help you, whenever you call out to God for Help and Love. We will never let you down or not be available when you call. There now is a huge army of Celestial angels reaching out to humankind with loving arms of care, guidance and protection, to bring you safely Home to God’s Arms of Love.

I am your friend and brother in Spirit, who leaves you now with my blessings, and I thank you, profoundly, for allowing me this privilege to driver my message of the week.

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Spiritual Message, Part 4

Continuation from 3 previous posts)

Prayers are never wasted, even if they are prayers for material needs; but the more exalted prayers bring the more precious blessings. And people who pray will be blessed in their lives on earth, as well as in their condition of soul, which will be advanced when they enter the world of spirit. And thereby eliminate the need of going through unnecessary suffering and struggle, to get rid of false beliefs and negative attitudes.

So, as you see from this dialogue, the world can become a more loving and harmonious place in which to live, if and when more people learn to seek truth and recognize the great potential their souls have to learn this higher spiritual truth, through their own efforts and prayers; without depending upon the existing churches to bring them up from their deplorable and negative conditions, into the Light of God’s Love, by some “miraculous intervention” because this isn’t the case.

Too many people are expecting the Church to somehow make a link from their soul to the Soul of God; but the Church, being an imperfect material organization, isn’t capable of linking human souls to the Soul of God. Only the individual child, with sincere heart and longing soul, can develop a connection between itself and its Loving Creator Soul. This is our message to the world and the more people who can learn it, and believe it, and apply it in their daily living – striving to come closer into union with God’s Will, the sooner we will find greater peace and harmony, and happiness in the world among men and women of all races and former diverse beliefs.

If there is only One God, and all His children are under the purview of the same Wondrous Laws of Love and governance, then when the truth is known, everyone will be seeking to come into alignment with love, to bring themselves up from darkness into the Light of Love. Most people believe they want to be happy, but they don’t know that happiness is a condition of of soul; they aren’t aware of the fact that before they can be truly happy in the material world, they need to be seeking inner happiness and peace, which can only come through the development of their souls in Love.

The effort to purify one’s natural love, without calling upon God for His Higher Grace (which is a more powerful Love to help them get rid of negative qualities and attitudes) one will be struggling and suffering in an effort to change old, false beliefs, and negative patterns, for their whole lifetime. Natural love doesn’t have the strength to help humankind rise above all the negative struggles which plague them on earth.

This is why the first parents weren’t able to rise above their negativity, which they created for themselves, until they had been in the spirit world for a long time, because the Grace of God’s Divine Love was no longer available to them. It was this quality – as a potential possession, which they forfeited through their disobedience, of failing to seek for God’s Grace; failing to become dependent on something outside of themselves, to make them more than just human beings, to allow them to become divine angels. They lacked the humility necessary to bring this Love into their souls. They were prideful and independent; They made the mistake of “believing” they were as powerful as God. And they fell from Grace – from the ability to receive the Grace of God’s Love.

(To be continued.)











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Spiritual Message, Part 3

…left off with; A sensible, reasoning mind wouldn’t be able to extract what is good and right from what is misleading and false.

“So the only avenue of approach left to humankind is to seek with heart and soul for the Truth; and they will find It through this sincere method. It will take, perhaps, their whole lifetime, but it will be worth any and all effort they make to get rid of false beliefs and come into alignment with God’s Will.

When a person is holding strong desires to know-the-Truth with heart and soul, while hanging on tenaciously to false beliefs of mind, she will suffer the consequences of confusion and unhappiness. The old has to be let go, in order for the new to come in and flourish. The prayers need to be sincere to know-the-Truth, even at the cost of recognizing that you have been in error, or that there are errors in your religious tenets and doctrines.

When a person’s true and sincere desires come into harmony with God’s Will in their life, in their thoughts and desires, these prayers will be answered by one or more of God’s ministering angels coming to the aid of that person; protecting her from lower spirits who would lead her astray from the truth she is seeking. And when their desire for Truth is strong, sincere and consistent, the perceptions of their soul will receive input from their guardian angels, guiding them to certain people who can help them see spiritual truth; to certain books where their next step of progress onto the path of truth, will be revealed to them.

These steps of progress are not “accidental happenings,” they are leadings from God’s guiding angels in answer to the seeking souls’ true prayers. And, of course, I say “true prayers” because there will be some people who “think” they are praying to know the truth, but really are not willing to give up their old ways of thinking and believing. They would prefer to believe in the doctrines of their religious precepts than to acknowledge that they are incorrect.

So, they will remain on that pathway of struggle for a long time. The majority of God’s children who are entering the spirit world in these days, are still hanging onto these false beliefs of their orthodox churches, not recognizing that they had it within them to find the Truths of God’s Love through the perceptions of their own souls, as they prayed to know-the-Truth and come into harmony with God’s Will.

You were influenced to recognize the importance of the phrase in the “Lords Prayer” which expresses, “Thy Will Be Done,” for when sincere seekers of truth say and feel this expression with deep heartfelt longings, they will be recipients of God’s Grace, fir it is His Will that all human beings become At- One with Him in Love – in His Nature of Love, which is Divine.

And the sincere seeker, the earnest prayer, consistently offered by the penitent soul, will be answered with the Highest Blessings of God’s Gift of Grace. This will start a person on a spiritual pathway of soulful progression in the Divine Love of the Father. (To be continued.)




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Spiritual Message, Part 2

Continued from message #402;

…This is why answering specific questions will be so helpful for their spiritual development, because we can see into their hearts, and know their condition of soul, and what they are feeling and thinking, therefore, we will be able to give them the information they need, at that particular time, to help them over the seemingly insurmountable blockades which are in the way of their progress.

But, of course, before we are able to serve seeking souls in this individual way, we will need to attract an “audience” of souls who are seeking spiritual truths. There will be some who are not, or will not be, satisfied with the answers they receive, and this will be due to the fact that “they” are the ones who are responsible for getting themselves out of the condition of darkness and defilement they have created for themselves.

They will tend to blame the church for its erroneous teachings, and feel it’s the fault of many, who went before them, for perpetuating these false beliefs and passing them on to the innocent, younger generations. That they are victims of other peoples ignorance. But, even though this may be true to some extent, it is still up to them to “find” the truth for themselves, to seek with all their hearts and minds, to know the purpose for their creation, and to Not get aught up in the maze of confusion and lies, and false beliefs, which lead humans astray from God and the Truth of His Love.

Each and every individual can find the truths of God’s Love, if they are seeking sincerely from heart and soul; if they are willing to recognize that there may be errors in their religious doctrines; if they can acknowledge with their reasoning mind that humankind errs. This is evident in every part of the world today. So, as it is obvious that people are failing to live in harmony with truth and love, then why wouldn’t it also be obvious that they have “tampered” with the doctrines of their religious tenets in order to persuade others to follow their “created” pathways?

This, then, being the obvious bent of humankind, to bring followers into alignment with their own free will choices, it would behoove sincere seekers of Truth and Love, to seek with the perceptions of their own soul, to Know-the-Truth, rather than attempt to sort Truth from fiction, from all the conglomerate religions, which have been predominately a creation of men’s minds throughout the past twenty centuries, and more for those who profess to be following the “true religion” of their forbears. They all contain errors. They all have been manipulated by human minds, and changed, and interpolated, until even the most “sensible” reasoning mind would never be able to extract what is right and good, from is misleading and false. (To be continued)

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Spiritual Message

Received on January 17, 1993, from a high Celestial Spirit. (I will continue with the message, later, if anyone is interested… I also answer spiritual questions; send them to kayannray@gmail.com)

“I am here now to write, and I come again to convey my thoughts in writing, and I welcome this opportunity to continue my message in this way.

“You must realize the importance of channeling our thoughts and guidance, and messages to the world. We will not be willing to answer mundane questions, but when a person’s heart is sincere, and seeking truth, we will be willing to give our love and energy toward answering their questions.

“Under the circumstances, when the world is in a confused state, how could the people who are inhabiting such a world have clear-cut, uncomplicated questions about spiritual matters? We have the clear-cut uncomplicated answers for them, but it will be up to the individual souls to apply their wills in the way we suggest, in order to bring them to the point in their understanding which will bring them the spiritual freedom and joy they are seeking.

“It isn’t an uncluttered pathway because of the many detours man’s mind has tried to escape through, from the pains and turmoil of life’s vicissitudes. These detours have taken humankind far astray from the Truths of God’s Love and care for His children. There are too many people in the world today who give No Thought to the Creator of their souls; they don’t even consider the reality of their own soul’s existence and its spiritual needs. So how, then, can they become humble and thankful to God for the many blessings He awaits to bestow upon them?

Even those who pray and/or meditate, taking time to be still and listen to their inner “voices,” oftentimes have mind-sets which interfere with a clear message from their soul’s desires. These mind sets have been place there by  false doctrines and untruthful beliefs, which have been perpetuated through centuries, and embellished upon by the corruption of men’s minds. Parts of the Bible were changed to reflect the negative thoughts of the human condition, which were defiled by prejudice and bigotry, and desires to bring others into their way of thinking, for the purpose of levying control over others.

Now with the many copings and re-copyings of the original accounts, very few of the accurate writings are preserved. And, as you very well know, when something is written, and then something else is added by another writer, the meaning can be altered dramatically, even when the intentions are good and well meaning. This has happened all through the Bible as it now exists..

It will be refreshing when people realize that the Truth is alive and Real and ongoing;  something they can “find” within their hearts and souls, when they pray for God’s Love and Mercy and guidance. Everyone isn’t ready for High Spiritual Truths at the onset of their spiritual progress. And this is why answering their specific questions with loving care and concern will be so helpful for their spiritual development.  (Up to pg. 4, of 14 pages.)


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Truthful Spiritual Teachings

While in the kitchen this morning, preparing breakfast for our animals, I received encouragement to post another Blog, pointing out spiritual information which the Angels tell us is incorrect. It’s been 4 months since my last posting (Blog #400). I felt that if readers really wanted to know spiritual truth, they could find it in these teachings from the angels.

It’s been a century since these beautiful and truthful messages were delivered, and perhaps because people feel satisfied with the spiritual path they’ve chosen, they look no further to find truth. I trust the angels’ guidance, so will enumerate the false teachings which come to mind. They may seem redundant to people who already know what the truth is.

There is only one God; All human beings are God’s beloved children. God is not comprised of three parts. The Holy Spirit is God’s Energy which conveys the Grace of Divine Love to the prayerful, who want to receive It into their soul. Jesus came to teach about this transforming Love. He didn’t realize that he was given this Mission to perform until he was about 20 years old. He was familiar with the Scriptures which predicted a Messiah would come, when God rebestowed the Gift of Grace.

When Jesus was in Mary’s womb, he had yearnings to be close to his Heavenly Father; God had been waiting for a sign that humankind, God’s wayward children, wanted his blessings and therefore would appreciate the Gift of Love. Jesus received a small amount of this Gift while in the womb; it enabled him to be born free of sin. “The sins of the parents are passed down to their children, even unto the third and fourth generations.” The first Divine Love received by a soul goes toward the purification its natural love.

Jesus was not a divine soul when born; he was a pure soul, with inclinations to being loving and caring. He was receptive to guidance from good spirits. He helped his parents with all manner of requirements in life; he had 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He had the opportunity to do God’s Will in his life by following his spiritual guidance. He could have chosen not to, but we are blessed that he did, because since that time, human beings can pray to God for the inflowing of Divine Grace and commence becoming transformed into divine souls.

Suggestion; Pray sincerely for God’s Love and Mercy, the more frequently the better. For more, see “The Gospel of God’s Love.” Amen



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Review of Spiritual Information

I feel that if someone is interested in finding their way to the Higher Heavens, there is enough spiritual information in these Blogs for them to find their way. If you want to develop your soul in God’s Love and become born-again in that Love, you can start by; 1)  Wanting to know the Truth. 2) Know, in your heart, there’s a loving, caring, awesome Creator Soul, who created perfect laws which have governance over everything in the universe. 3) You have been given a will so free that even God will not interfere with your choices. 4) Everything done in pure love is in harmony with God’s Laws. 5) Everyone reaps what they have sown. 6) Divine Love is the greatest Gift God has made available to His beloved children.

The Grace of God’s Love is free for the asking. Prayers for this Love must come from a sincere and humble heart. Humility is the touchstone for an entrance into the Celestial Heavens. Do your best and God will do the rest.

I’m trying to not resist change, because the way to progress is by changing. There is nothing “normal” about my life as of late. The attic of our house is being remodeled; which required everything to be removed from there. My daughter gave me her lovely ground-level room, in December 2011, before I was to have surgery on a torn ligament in my right shoulder.

I had carried my little dog, Bryn, up and down the spiral stairs, about 6 times a day. The living room ceiling is 10 feet high, so there are 16 steps up to the attic. At first, I resisted moving into the lower room, but it’s so much easier now, I can just let Bryn out the back door. It’s a glass french-door, which allows lots of light to come in, plus there are 3, six foot tall, windows along the walls.

My daughter, after a year of using the sleeping loft as her bedroom, moved into the large bedroom at the front of the house, after the tenant who had been renting it went to India. Now we have only two rooms rented, the tenants are nice (and help with living costs).

I felt guided to share some of my situation, in case there are people who like to read what I’ve been sharing from the angel’s messages. I may not be adding more Blogs for awhile. But if you have questions, here’s my address; kayannray@gmail.com

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It’s Natural to Doubt

Message from James Padgett’s grandmother, Ann Rollins.

“Well, I am glad to be with you again, as I want to tell you some truths that you will benefit by knowing.

“You have had more or less doubt pass through your mind as to whether we are really the persons whom we represent ourselves to be, and whether your own mind produces the thoughts you write, or whether some evil spirit or imposter produces the thoughts.

“I want to tell you, with all the love which I have for you, that every one of us who writes is the person they represent themself to be, and that no spirit who may seek to impose on you is permitted to write or in any way communicate with you. Our band is sufficiently powerful to prevent any such spirit from intruding upon you. Of course, the unfortunate spirits who write, we permit to do so, but they are not imposters, they tell you truthfully just who they are.

“I know it’s natural for you to doubt this great marvel of spirit communication, and of the truthfulness of our representations, but I assure you that it is all true. The Master is the one of whom you read in the Bible, and of whom you have heard all your life; the only difference being that he is not God or a part of Him, but a spirit – the greatest in all the Celestial Kingdom.

“He is not so different, in his desire to do the great work which the Father gave him to do, from what he was on earth, except that he’s now more highly developed than when traveling the plains and mountains of Palestine. He is more powerful, and knows so many more spiritual truths, his love is the same, only greater.

“So you must not doubt any longer, or you will not develop as you should.

(Padgett asked a question.) “Jesus is the wisest and most filled with God’s Love of all the spirits in the Celestial Spheres. I know that you love all of us, and I believe you love him also, and when I tell you that his love is greater than any of ours, I am merely telling you what is true.

“I would like to write more tonight, but there are some others here  who are anxious to write, so I will stop.

“Your own and true loving grandmother, Ann Rollins”

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Paul of near Damascus

Published in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 191.

“As I see you are longing for love, and for fellowship with the disciples of the Master, I thought I would write you just a little to show that all the Master’s disciples are in their living spiritual bodies; I am alive and will never die again.

“Many epistles which I had written are contained in the Bible, and some are nearly correct, and in them you will find my ideas of God and of the Master. But I never taught that Jesus was God and neither did I teach the doctrine of the vicarious atonement, or the sufficiency of Jesus’ blood to save a sinner from the sins of their earthly deeds. I never taught that any person’s sins would be borne and the penalty for same be paid for by another – and wherever these doctines are set forth in my epistles, they were not written by me.

(Padgett asked a question) “I agree with John: God is Love. Love is the fulfilling of the Law, and Love includes everything that is good and pure and holy.

“Yes, I doubted at times that I was called to preach the truths of humankind’s salvation as taught by Jesus. I say I doubted; for notwithstanding the Bible narative of my conversion, I was not altogether convinced by the vision I saw. I know now that it was a true vision, and that I was called; but when on earth I had doubts, and this was my “besetting sin.”

(question) “Well, as to that, I’m afraid I will have to disillusion you, for I was never stricken blind, as the Bible says. My vision was plain enough, and I heard the voice upbraiding me, and I believed. But I still had the doubts, at times, that I speak of.

“From my epistles you would never think that I had any doubts; I purposely abstained from making them known, and so it became my besetting sin. I thank God that I never let that doubt influence me, or prevernt me from giving the work my all, for if I had, I would have undoubtedly relasped into the persecutor of Jesus’ followers.

“As I continued to preach, my faith grew stronger, and after awhile my doubts left me; in later years I had no doubts.

“I will come sometine, again to write. Your friend and brother,

“St. Paul of the Bible”

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

From John the Baptist, in The Gospel of God’s Love, page 484.

“Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, and in the Master. This is as true now as it was when spoken by Jesus to his disciples many centuries ago. You are his disciple now just as certainly as were they, and while you cannot see him or hear his voice as they did, yet the words are just as emphatically spoken tonight as they were to the other disciples.

“You do not realize what love and powerful influences are with you tonight, else you would let your worries flee to the winds and never return. I merely want to tell you this to let you see that there is yet another of the celestial spirits who knows that the Master’s promises will be kept.

“Go to God in prayer and you will find the great consolation, as we had all found consolation in our troubles. When on earth a great number of us were persecuted, resulting in the death of many of us. But we had faith, and our faith and love of the Master helped us over many rough places.

“I merely want to add another confirmation to those who have told you that you will be relieved of these worries. I will stop and say that I am,

“Your brother in Christ, John the Baptist”

Editors Note: The Celestial Angel’s reside in the Higher Heavens, where only those who have been transformed by the Grace of God’s Divine Love can enter. Everyone who prays, on a regular  basis, for this Divine Grace to come into their soul, will become qualified to reside in the Celestial Heavens someday.

Even though you may not believe in the teachings of these divine angels, it would do no harm to strive to pray for God’s blessings of Love. You will, during the course of your prayer life, realize a change in your condition; like overcoming fear, and renewing faith in higher help and guidance. 

I know that the angel’s messages will cause much resistance among the orthodox believers, and that they will create divisions among people who accept them as true, and those who do not. But the change will, of necessity, eventually come to pass because faith, based on precepts which are false cannot last forever.

We reap what we sow; and if we pray for God’s Grace we will receive the Gift of Divine Love. Amen

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