Is It True?


With a name like The Truths Project, one might think that the writings on this website are being touted as the “Absolute Truth.” Absolutely not. In the realm of human existence, pure truth – the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – exists mainly as an ideal, and we make no claim to possess it.

Obviously, we believe there are valuable truths in these writings. But we're confident that there's plenty of untruth in them as well. Spirit communication is, by nature, subject to limitations imposed by the mortal medium (this, in part, is what makes research into the field so challenging). An understanding of this intrinsic fallibility is an important prerequisite to any exploration of spirit communication.

Current investigations of the spirit world can be likened to 18th century attempts to understand electricity. In Benjamin Franklin's day, the crossfire of conflicting theories might have led one to conclude that the truth about electricity was, for us, unknowable. Two hundred fifty years later, we still don’t know the “whole truth” about electricity, but we've gained plenty of practical knowledge. On the crumbling edge of any new science, there will always be competing theories and confusing data; in our quest for truth, we try to follow Franklin’s example, applying the virtues of patience and perseverance, and recognizing that the all-important first step in any quest for knowledge is the honest acknowledgment of one’s ignorance.

We also recognize that these writings represent a foray into largely uncharted theological territory. With continued exploration, there will undoubtedly be evolutions in the maps. And these explorations need not be restricted to some specially trained or “chosen” people – we all are called to this quest.

(Read Acuracy in Mediumship).





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