Help Files - version 2.0

The "Help Files" contain all the Padgett messages and most of the Samuels messages (in their originally published versions), as well as copies of the Old and New Testament, and a Biography of many of the authors of the Padgett messages,complete with illustrations. All these books are linked together in a "help system" similar to the one found in most Windows programs. The advantage of this system is that it enables indexing and cross-references amongst all the books, as well as search capabilities. A serious student of the Padgett messages will find these files invaluable.

First make a new folder on your computer, then download and unzip "" files into it. A subfolder containing all the jpg images will automatically be created. To run the program, click on the file called "gospel.hlp". All the other files are accessed through this one file.
This is a 6 meg file (app. 20 min. w/56k modem).
This additional file - Easton's Bible Dictionary - is not linked to the main help file system. It is run separately simply by clicking on the "easton.hlp" file

Many thanks to Dr. Johann Radax for creating these help files.


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