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Having read this far, perhaps the question has occurred to you: "If these messages really were delivered to mortal humankind by their claimed authors, why, after the passage of nearly a hundred years, do they remain largely unknown?" One answer isn't hard to deduce: In today's world, these teachings fall into a no-man's land between the realms of Christianity and "modern spirituality." A minister or priest in virtually any of the world's Christian denominations would quickly lose his job for endorsing or advocating these teachings. At the same time, the teachings sound so thoroughly "Christian" that many non-Christians reflexively dismiss the writings as more “Christian dogma," without taking time to actually comprehend or consider their message.


Another factor, as you've perhaps noted, is that James Padgett wasn’t necessarily a gifted author. He was a gifted medium, and showed wonderful courage and fortitude in his willingness to receive the messages. But, laboring under the lawyerly tone that apparently characterized Padgett's writing style, these writings may never be listed among the world's great literature. A certain commitment is required of the reader, then, to go beyond these superficial failings and discover the "pearl of great price" hidden beneath.


In our desire to facilitate the dissemination of these messages, we're offering the recently released title The Gospel of God's Love – the Padgett Messages as a free download. The book is also available in print form.






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