About the Several Edits of The
Padgett Messages

Since the messages received by James Padgett came as a continuous stream of connected letters – often barely legible (here’s a sample) – the challenge of editing them is greater than one might at first imagine. Additionally, the sentence structures were frequently lengthy and complex (as might be expected coming through the mind of an attorney). More frustrating is that the sentences were sometimes slightly “disjointed” – more or less understandable, but certainly not grammatically correct.

Because of these challenges, there’ve been several attempts at editing the Padgett messages so far, with undoubtedly more to come. The good news is that the angels were intentionally redundant in presenting their most important teachings, allowing little chance that their meaning could be seriously misconstrued because of the inaccurate transmission, editing or interpretation of any one message. For the reader, then, the choice of which version of the messages to read will boil down to one of personal preference.

The messages posted at the Truths Project and published in books from the New Heart Press have been extensively edited, with the intent of making them as easy to comprehend and as accurate as possible. We’ve taken these editorial liberties because we know that, thanks to digital archiving, the original versions of the messages will never be lost to humankind, as were the original versions of the writings of the Bible. If we've made mistakes in our editing, somewhere down the line someone can undo them.

There are efforts underway to scan the original manuscripts; in the meantime, the "digital archives" consist of the original published versions of the messages, titled True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus and available as downloadable files. In these more lightly-edited books, one can see the characteristic glitches in mediumship which sometimes cause the flow of logic to stumble in mid-sentence; and run-on sentences are the norm. One can also more easily spot subtle differences in the personalities and abilities of the various spirit-authors, as well as the sometimes dramatic fluctuations in Mr. Padgett's transparency as a medium.


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