Light show

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Unbidden gratitude
raises my eyes to see
more than the face
of the moment;

I see how odd bits
fit together and how
I am better for it.
This small thing
supports my life.

I reimagine the gift –
and choose to know
that you belong
here with me,

and that humanity,
with all its odd bits,
fits together as
one grateful,
connected world.

December 18, 2011

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Law of Love

Let me not forget the
warmth of our love
even when I serve
your plate cold.

Let me live in the
home of our heart
even when we choose
different rooms.

Let the law of our
love be written by
my own hand
so that I may always
know my way to you
and see love’s brilliant
light shining upon us.

For Jeshy and Donna
November 5, 2011

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We travel across
the years, settle
on one or a few
for a while –
resting, waiting.
The questions change,
never the destination.

Deep in the silence
between one and
another, there’s a
faint sound – familiar,
Humming its tune,
we begin to remember
the words, but these
vanish as soon as
they arrive.

What remains is that
silence “in between” –
the original sound –
so deep one can get
lost but for that
bright hope

when the whole
world makes sense,
when love is the
only word worth
uttering, the only
step worth taking.

For Celestia
October 31, 2011

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In this moment
what do you see?
What do you hear?
Does something smell
delicious, unpleasant?
What is in your hands?
Are they empty?
Do you feel curious?
Sad? Warm? Safe?

Begin to ask
of your senses.
Experience this
moment – Above
Below Behind Ahead Near Far

Pay attention to the detail:
Color Shape Light Dark
Harmony Cacophony Loudness Whispers

No hurry – there’s time
enough to linger on what
pleases you and accept
what does not.

Everything belongs here.
You are not out of place, though
you may want to leave. Begin to
notice what really belongs.
Are your feet firmly planted or
are you ready to run?

Stretch yourself to the
horizon of your desires.
Where are they taking you?
Begin to choose who you are.

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The Beloved

God’s hand is on the door of your soul, awaiting your invitation to receive the gift of divine love. It matters not what you wear or how prepared you may or may not be – you were created for this gift.

You are the holy temple in which the divine may dwell. Your soul’s aspirations are the offerings laid upon the altar of love; your joy and tears the songs that fill God with gladness.

Love is all God has for you. Perfection goes unnoticed. God sees you – the Beloved – through the open door of your heart.

Open your door. Let each moment that you behold one another be a mutual worship. Give no thought to what you do not have to offer. God needs nothing but your love; you are beautiful just as you are.

And when you receive this divine gift of love, nothing compares to it. It is a sacred treasure, a joyful secret within your heart. In time, you will want this consummate love to fill you again and again.

You are a gift – a unique star in God’s eye – the only one who can be that brilliant light in a once-darkened corner of the world.

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Breaking the pattern,
I make no move to fill
the silence.

Are there signposts
in the unknown?
Is this solid awkwardness
between each breath
my presence?

Nothing to bounce off,
no image to reflect,

my own gravity is
the foundation for each
uncharted step.

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The Gift

In darkness my heart
waits; its yearning
the sound that
echoes against
the Light.

My hand, alone,
opens the door
between us. Enter,
this place
You deem worthy,

and I will be
changed forever.

Mary of the Rose

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The Invitation

I am invited only.

Bending close,
I hear the sigh
from your heart,
and witness
the miracle of
God’s Will.

Mary of the Rose

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The Offering

My beloved,

Lift up your heart so that
I might hold it in my hand;
I care for its tenderness.

Accept your offering as the
wisdom unbound by time.

Lift up your heart so that
you might see the unchanging
landscape of God’s Love.

Meet my gaze there and
see the soul that you are.

I am your own guardian
raised by God’s Hand
to hold you forever.

Mary of the Rose

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