Alive with love

 It is the soul – the “who” and “what” of our being – that speaks to this world, overtalking beliefs and words. It is the soul that leaves our true footprint.

 I want my heart to be in plain sight, I want to speak a language that is alive with love. Not the love that rises and falls on beliefs and words, as leaf on wind, but love that withstands the storm, as the ancient oak.

 What is real love? It is what binds us to humanity despite our weaknesses. I am in awe of this beautiful and terrible thing for how it raises us up and the depths to which it plunges us – a balancing act between eternal light and the suffering that sees nothing but its own loss.

 “I love you” does no justice to what is alive and beating within my heart. I commit myself to the arms of mercy that forgive us all our imperfect love.

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  1. juris says:

    we’ll walk together hand and hand… as our souls feel the unity of our beingness… in the warmth of His kindness.

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