You hear my beating heart; I am afraid of its sound. My longing has reached your ears – too late, I am within your reach. I will myself to stay, to feel your love, but am I worthy to say I am loved?

Is this calm peace mine to keep, this sweetness true? If every effort to stay my hand from reaching for anything born of my own desire comes to this feast laid before me, what shall I do? Am I already full before taking one bite?

No, let me be honest. This ever-yearning heart of mine comes to you wondering what to do with fullness. I shall set the table for you then, taking care to put love into every detail – just so – this object of your affection disappearing before your eyes.

Young one, become aware of yourself: you are upright, your crown touches heaven.

Taste the sweetness that flavors your life. It should be so.

You cannot escape the one who is inside you, casting light from every orifice – your countenance the impression of angels.

Know yourself so that you might know the love I have for you, that you might see what I see.

Follow the trail of your desires until you find yourself standing before me, looking a lot like love, itself.

Amada Reza
September 1, 2012

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