The human heart, strange alchemy within our breast, transforming blood into desires that move thought and limb.

If only I were content to be within the spaciousness of belonging, immersed in the mercy that quenches a soul’s thirst. But this fever burns – slow and warm, fast and hot – it touches my sleep and shadows my footsteps.

Oh, there is space enough – stretching to earth and sky in four directions; rivers run deep enough, above and below, to nourish this world and the next. Why must my eyes seek beyond the horizon, what will still my restless limbs?

Onto this wheel I was thrown by a Hand I reach for: Guide my steps to that eternal ocean of Love where all began. Let me see the purpose that humanity shares, stretching from always to always. I am part of You, and every thing that light shares with me.

Gentle comfort, soothe the longing I find in dark corners. Ever so carefully, untangle the knot that binds the human heart so it may be free to walk toward its dreams.

We breathe to the rhythm of one song; we keep time by its beat. Let me dance to that song, let me sing the words we all know by heart.

Amada Reza
August 25, 2012

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