Growing within me
the spirit and soul
of one Beloved,
catching the color
of my life, the
sweet song of
hearts open wide.

Break through the
dark outline of
my womb into
the light, into
arms welcoming
this daughter,
this sylph.

You perceive magic
mischief in the room –
when you walk
you dance,
speaking you
vibrate to a
harmony sublime.

Gift, you are that
and rare, touching
the sleeper awake,
transforming the
unimagined into
the laughter of leaves
falling all around us.

Take heart though
you see the darkness,
angels adore you
though you ask not,
moving from the
unknown into
elemental rhythm.

I ask for ears to hear,
eyes to see the truth
you paint so beautifully.

For my Beloved on her birthday
April 1, 2012

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