To the seeker of truth, the question of the “hereafter” may be the most rewarding of all fields of inquiry. And the topic isn't merely relevant to the future — an encounter with definitive proof of the afterlife can be transformative in the here and now.


Human history universally reports the survival of consciousness after physical death, recent scientific studies support the hypothesis, anecdotal evidence abounds; yet many people, for various reasons, prefer to avoid the topic altogether.


While a quick survey of the subject may provide compelling evidence of a “spirit world,” it also reveals widespread disagreement about the nature of this realm. One learns that much yet needs to be learned.


One can surmise, though, that many inhabitants of the spirit universe could be superb teachers, with the wisdom of ages. The challenge, it seems, is to find mortals who can accurately receive and transmit their thoughts. Albert Einstein might be an example of a stunning success.


In the early 1900’s, an attorney named James Padgett discovered that he had the gift of automatic writing, receiving messages from a wide variety of spirits — most notably a number claiming to be from Jesus of Nazareth, intended to correct the record of his life and teachings.


Were Jesus and Padgett successful in their attempted communication? In our opinion, to a degree, yes. But these writings can’t be verified with mathematical proofs: we invite you to explore them and decide for yourself what rings true…




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